If I have sex do I have to buy a condom? Where can I get it from and what’s the price, how do I use it & if I don’t wear it what could happen?

Condoms are available from lots of places, some of them free. If you live in Christchurch you could go to any of the places below. If you live out of Christchurch it’s a bit harder to get them free but supermarkets, pharmacies, and some petrol stations have them on sale. In Christchurch the 298 Youth Health Centre which is at 298 Barbadoes Street is open from 11.45 to 6pm weekdays have free bags of condoms if you ask.

Hi. I was just wondering, does the morning after pill protect you from pregnancy between the doses?

The Emergency Contraceptive Pill (Morning after pill) is for use only when you have had unsafe sex, the condom broke, or you were drunk and can’t remember. It has a 96% chance of preventing a pregnancy. That means 4% of not working. It does not give any protection from pregnancy between taking courses of it. It is for an emergency only. Hope this helps.