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298 Youth Health Centre is a not for profit organisation, created to provide free medical and youth development services for young people aged 10-24 years. 


Our team is dedicated to providing an accessible, friendly, non-judgemental service that prioritises the needs of the people we see.


298YHC is one of the 10 Youth One Stop Shops (YOSS) across New Zealand.


Our staff includes doctors, nurses, youth workers, a counsellor and administration staff. We are also a training practice for medical and nursing students.

To access our services you need to be enrolled with us, learn more about our team, our services and the referral process below.

About Us

298 Youth Health Centre was formed to provide a free service to some of the most vulnerable and at risk young people in Canterbury. It is a one stop shop wrap-around service that is focused on providing health and wellbeing services for 10 - 24 year old’s. Often cost is a barrier for youth in seeking professional advice and help. Our youth receive a quality service, FREE of charge.

Our unique clinic strives to provide a wrap-around service where everyone participates in the delivery and positive outcomes for our youth. Our youth have access to:

  • General health checks

  • Sexual health checks

  • Mental health assessments including addiction support

  • Counselling services

  • Youth workers for added support and guidance

  • Confidentiality assurance

  • A youth friendly atmosphere


The young people we see at 298, often feel helpless and most likely are at risk. We help them with their medical, sexual and mental health issues, address any risk-taking behaviours and support them to engage with the community through training and development programmes.

Our objective is to enable all young people of all ethnic backgrounds in the province of Canterbury, to have access to services which promote physical, emotional, mental and social health, especially for those young people most vulnerable to harm.

The support we provide allows young people to feel empowered, make advances in their lives enabling them to make positive contribution to society.

Our Services

We offer a range of services at 298 across our Medical and Social Service Teams.


Our team is highly qualified and passionate about serving rangatahi.

Learn More About 298 Services and Staff Below

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