Youth Committee

Started in 2019, the 298 Youth Committee is a sub-committee of the Korowai Youth Wellbeing Board, working to provide a youth perspective and voice on the services provided at the 298 Youth Health Centre. We love to get out into the community to connect with the general public and find out how they feel about different topics or issues that are relevant to 298.

We engage in a broad range of activities from educational panel evenings, creating resources, researching and advising on different topics, and fundraising. Most importantly, we provide a space where young people are able to have their say!

The 298 Youth Committee recruits annually in November, and young people aged 16-25 are encouraged to apply. We meet monthly on the last Friday of every month.

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If you are interested in the work of the committee or would like to join us, please feel free to reach out!

Meet The Committee

Paige Sullivan JPEG.jpg

Paige Sullivan

I’m Paige (she/her). I am the Chairperson of the 298 Youth Committee and a Board Member for the Korowai Youth Well-Being Trust. 


Why did you join the committee?

I started up the Youth Committee with Georgia Rossiter in 2019 to bring more youth voice to 298 and the Canterbury youth sector as a whole. I am so so passionate about our young people being heard and valued, and I am really excited to see what the team will achieve this year!

Favourite dinosaur?

My favourite Dino would have to be a stegosaurus because they are too cute!

Nakita Bradley-Parry JPEG.jpg

Nakita Bradley-Parry

My name is Nakita (she/her), I am the Treasurer for our 298 Youth Committee! 

Why did you join the committee?

I joined the committee in 2020 because I was looking for ways to continue working for my community after being head of my schools service council the previous year, and I can say it’s truly been the best! I love seeing what young people can do when given the opportunity to shine. 

Favourite dinosaur? 

Uh, definitely Barney and all of his friends... but if I have to choose an actual dinosaur then it would be a triceratops! They look all mean and grumpy but really they’re just kinda clumsy and cute!

Jess Robinson JPEG.jpg

Kia ora! I'm Jess (she/they) I joined the 298 Youth Committee in 2020. I am Secretary on the Exec team which means I take notes at meetings.

Why did you join the committee?

I have a passion for working with young people and advocating in support of them. Having overcome personal challenges growing up, I'm now well equipped to assist and communicate with young people from our diverse backgrounds.

Favourite dinosaur? 


My favourite Dinosaur is a pterodactyl, because Juvenile pterodactyls were called flaplings. I also wish I could fly!

Portia Bishop JPEG.jpg

Portia Bishop

My name is Portia and I’m currently in my last year at Marian College.

Why did you join the committee?

I’ve always been passionate about mental health advocacy and awareness, as well as volunteering and giving back to the community, and thought that the Youth 298 Committee combined both of those into one! Making sure that people have all the resources they need to overcome any tough times while also being educated and reducing stigma around such important topics is another thing I strongly believe in and hope to achieve as a team this year.

Favourite dinosaur? 

Sauropods in general are really funky but I’d probably say a brontosaurus!

Eliot Forrest JPEG.jpg

Eliot Forrest

I'm Eliot (they/them) and I'm a queer nonbinary youth worker. I'm thrilled to be joining the committee this year!

Why did you join the committee?

As a queer, disabled and neurodivergent person, I'm dedicated to creating a better environment for the youth of today so that we can break the cycle of stigma and create better supports for the future. The committee actively plays a part in changing the community in this way, so I'm very passionate about making change from within it.

Favourite dinosaur? 

Probably a pterodactyl, I just love their wings!


Jess Robinson


Yen Pokusai JPEG.jpg

Yen Pokusai

My name is Yen like money ¥

Why did you join the committee? 

I am very passionate about wellbeing, youth, and getting involved in things, which made the opportunity to join 298 Youth Committee very appealing to me. 
Looking forward to making things happen with the amazing team we have.

Favourite dinosaur? 


I like theropods because birds evolved from them, and I love birds.

Ella Thomas JPEG.jpg

Ella Thomas

I'm Ella (she/her) a 17 year old student in my last year at Hillmorton High School. I love all things dogs but specifically my wee pug Maddie.

Why did you join the committee?

I joined the 298 Youth Committee for 2021 out of the hope of being able to help educate and bring awareness to youth mental health, wellbeing and having a voice within the community.

Favourite dinosaur? 

My favourite dinosaur would have to be the micropachycephalosaurus, the ‘tiny thick headed lizard’.

Claudia Conway JPEG.jpg

Claudia Conway

I’m Claudia and I’m currently studying child and family psychology at the University of Canterbury. 

Why did you join the committee?


My interest in mental health and desire to help the community have inspired me to volunteer with the 298 youth committee this year, and I can’t wait to get involved.

Favourite dinosaur?