The 298 Youth Health Centre

We provide FREE medical care and counselling services for those aged 10-24 years.
To make an appointment phone 03 943 9298; or message us on Facebook


1 year 7 months ago

1 year 7 months ago

Services we offer


General Medical Issues, Skin Issues, Mental Health Issues-Depression, Anxiety, Dependency, Anger All Medical Certificates-including WINZ & PD, Stop Smoking Advice, Prescriptions, Pregnancy Discussion-Referral for abortions, Minor Surgeries-Mole Removal, Jadelle Implants/Removal, IUCD


Sexual Health-including STI checks & treatment, Urine tests & treatment, Pregnancy Tests, ‘Discuss your options’, Prescriptions for Contraception Pills, Depo Injection, Emergency Contraceptive Pill, Condoms & Asthma Cervical Smear Tests, Vaccinations, Wart treatment, Minor Infections, Stop Smoking Advice, Wound Dressings, General Medical Discussions, Mental Health Issues-Depression, Anxiety, Dependency, Anger


Listen to you, Support you to solve some problems, Support you to change how you think about things, Support you change what you do about things, Encourage you, Support you to develop your confidence, Help you deal with those memories that annoy you, Identify your strengths

Youth workers

Help finding a place to live and learn healthy life skills, Advocacy-we’re here for you, Understanding and managing your feelings (sad, angry, anxious…), Support with Work and Income benefit applications, Goal setting and planning for a positive future, Meet new people in Christchurch and make cool connections, Budget advice and food parcels, Finding the right support within our community, Helping finding a job, writing a CV, or practice interviews, Just need someone to talk to


Your SAFETY & WELL-BEING is our priority” Information about you and your treatment will remain confidential provided you are not at RISK of.. “harming yourself” “harming another” “being harmed by another.


"The care and support myself and my teenager daughter received from 298 Youth Health has been amazing. I am unsure how we would have coped without their help and guidance. She received support from a youth worker, doctor and counselling services; which helped her understand what she was going through. I am so grateful for their services, experiences staff and ongoing support"


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